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Description of Ferrite Platform 1.2:
Ferrite is a tool for automating text processing, manipulation, conversion and extraction tasks, with a wide range of applications including: website updates, log analysis, automated text cleanup, data import and export, conversion of tabular data to XML, etc. Uses technology based on combining processing filters to achieve the desired text manipulation. Mix and match filters for accomplishing the desired text manipulation. Includes many easy-to-use filters including adding and removing margins, headers, indentation, columns, numbering, regular expression search and replace, etc. Scriptable interface using Javascript so power users can customize the filters. Handles Unicode files easily. Can read Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV(comma-delimited) files. Can also parse text for field data using a regular expression separator, or extracting field data from files with fixed-width columns. Export field data to applications such as Microsoft Excel(CSV). Includes a File Finder filter which can traverse directories of any depth and execute Javascript to select files including conditions based on size, name, date modified, etc. In-place saver filter can write changes back to original file with backup. Select files for processing based on presence or absence of a search pattern. Line terminator conversion between different platforms: Unix, Windows/DOS. Use built-in filters to output data as XML, or write Javascript code to export XML for complete flexibility. Includes facility to create XML sitemap for Google. Save processing rules as workflows and re-execute with a single click. Large files can be processed easily since technology based on streaming records through processing filters is used, thus eliminating the need to load the complete files into memory.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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