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StoppUhr/Stopwatch 8.15.4

  • Shareware
  • 19.90$
  • 18-Apr-2013
  • 2.8 MB

Program for exact time measurement and for running countdowns

Good Timing

Good Timing 2.1

Good Timing is an alarm clock, a timer, and a calendar.


InstantTimeZone 1.0

InstantTimeZone is a World Time Zone displayer which will show the current time and date in another time zone, in system tray, next to your computer clock.

Chronometask Portable

Chronometask Portable 1.11

Designed to perform a system task after a specified amount of time

Timed Shutdown Helper

Timed Shutdown Helper 1.32

a tool can do shutdown,prompt,capture screen and many task


EyeDefender 1.09

EyeDefender lets you avoid eyestrain and prevents Computer Vision Syndrome.

TitleBarClock Lite

TitleBarClock Lite 3.6.7

Display Time Day Month FreeMem on right side of Title Bar and Desktop.

Ultimate Screen Clock 2.0a42

Ultimate Screen Clock 2.0a42 42

  • Shareware
  • 25.00$
  • 10-Apr-2013
  • 12.3 MB

The Ultimate Screen Clock will manage time on your system as few applications have managed it before or since.

Skins Pack for Atomic Alarm Clock

Skins Pack for Atomic Alarm Clock 1.1

Additional skins pack for Atomic Alarm Clock.


Serpentime 1.1

What is Serpentime?


BringFocus 1.7

BringFocus Software helps you work focused for small amounts of time.

Accurate Alarm Clock

Accurate Alarm Clock 1.1


Alarm Good Night

Alarm Good Night

AlarmGoodNight is a Desktop Reminder product from Power Builders is a small, easy-to-use alarm clock.

Anuko World Clock

Anuko World Clock

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 04-Apr-2013
  • 3.1 MB

Replaces the regular system clock with several time zones of your choosing


TimeTraveler 1.3.4334

TimeTraveler is a highly versatile clock, timer, and stopwatch for the Windows desktop.

Zune Clock

Zune Clock 1.0

Zune Clock - a Desktop Analog/Digital Clock with Chimes and the Current Date

World Clock Portable

World Clock Portable 6.0

World Clock has an easy to use interface letting you select up to 8 different time zones to display the time of.


Concenturio 1.1

Concenturio is a freeware alarmer for Windows which reminds you of single or recurrent tasks.

NI Glaz

NI Glaz 3.3.1

The program issued the message (as usual dialog windows and pop-out tray Baloon Hints - of your choice) on the need to relax or re-start to work through your specified intervals of time - can help protect your computer from the harmful effects of you

Alarm Clock-7

Alarm Clock-7 4.02

Alarm Clock-7 is program that displays the current time on desktop.