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SideTick 1.0

SideTick offers a simple and easy way to keep track of your favorite stocks. This application is loaded with many features including: an intuitive portfolio tracker, stock & index ticker, and easy to follow tutorials to get the most from SideTick.


GimmeFreeData 1.5.1

GimmeFreeData v1.5.1 is a utility that retrieves up to 10-years of the most recent end of day security price data from YAHOO and MSN. Each symbol is saved as an ASCII 'csv' text file formatted as date,open,hi,lo,cls,vol. Replaces v1.4.2 and b4.

Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software

Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software 2.5.1

Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software catches stock trend change signal and alerts stock buy sell signal when stock trend is changing. You know when to buy or sell stocks from 4T stock trading strategy.

FREE Trade Position Size Calculator

FREE Trade Position Size Calculator 1.1

Download your FREE Money Management software. Calculate position sizes based upon highly successful but little known techniques and instantly become a more powerful investor.


TomorrowsPrices V2.41

TomorrowsPrices uses statistical techniques to determine probabilities of stock-market price levels. Using historic files of price data along with current-day price quotes, short-term predictions of value to day-traders are produced.


AceStock 1.4

AceStock is a personal stocks monitor. AceStock brings realtime stock quotes right on your desktop. You can't afford not to have this tool if you own any stock, participate in Stock Options plan or 401k.

Medved QuoteTracker

Medved QuoteTracker 2.0.6a

FREE streaming RT quotes, streaming real-time charts w/Tech Indicators, Time&Sales, Level II, alerts, news monitoring, Portfolio Tracking, Research, hist. charts and more. Now has Integrated trading

Stock Analyzer

Stock Analyzer 2.2

This free software uses 19 intelligent and classic technical analysis methods, new Quotes (delayed 15 minutes) and historical Quotes to analyze stock, displays 18 charts in a window and marks buy/sell signals last 30 days on charts.It can also displa...


MagicTicker 2.0.1

A stock quote ticker that looks much like the tickers you see on TV. It is fully configurable so you can watch just the stocks you want. It also can dock onto your desktop so you can watch your stocks while you work on something else. You can also in...


1Jump 3.1

A free and effective program to obtain information on companies.

Stock Spread Calculator 32

Stock Spread Calculator 32 1.0

A particular buy and sell transaction based on purchase price, number of shares, sell price and commissions. A two-dimension matrix displays net profit amounts based upon user-defined ranges of purchase and sell prices. Offers users aquick way to see...