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Description of GS-Base 10.0:
GS-Base is an easy-to-use database that will help you to transform your data into tables and quickly look up any information you need. Using this simple all-in-one solution you can save your time when printing forms, letters and labels or when sending personalized e-mail messages with customized attachments. Whether you'll will use it to manage your address books or to organize your more complex data sets for your hobby activities or in a network environment at work, GS-Base can be a good choice for you. FEATURES: TE Up to 2,097,152 records and 2047 fields in one table; any number of tables in one file TE Managing any type of data: numbers, plain text fields, long formatted text documents, images and any files TE Around 300 standard built-in formulas that can be used to automatically calculate field values, create filtering expressions or to create links between tables TE Extensive searching capabilities - searching for duplicate records or field values, full-text searches etc.; multiple sort keys TE Standard editing and formatting tools and options; Excel-compatible formula syntax, predefined numeric styles and user-defined styles TE Printing tables, forms and labels TE Sending personalized e-mail messages with customized attachments TE Password protection and encryption, AutoSave and AutoClose TE Choose the file format for your documents: the binary format or the XML format (both optionally gzipped); the XSD schema definition is included in the help file TE Clean installation (no registry entries are required) TE Importing, exporting and editing text, dBase III-IV, Clipper, FoxPro 2.x and Excel 2003 XML filesRelease notes: New ReleaseTE A new "Database Explorer" pane was added. It displays the database structure: tables, field names, types, filtering status and special field functions. Field and table re-arrangements should be now even faster and more convenient. (Tip: right-click it to review the available options/commands and double-click to setup a given field).TE A new "Find & Replace" toolbar with much more options to perform full-text searching and replacing. Modified "Search" dialog boxes; improved help file; better optimized flicker-free repainting of record tables, forms and pivot tables; opening files in all supported formats via the drag-and-drop operations.TE Regular expressions with back references were added to both filtering functions and full-text searching functions. More information on RegEx along with examples is available in the "Searching records" help topic and in the "Full Text Searches" help topic.TE Bug fixes. [ GS-Base full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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