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Welcome to Real Finance Portal, the most interactive multimedia finance tool ever made. Finance Navigator II is a full multimedia Internet application that delivers any kind of financial data from thousands of the most reliable sources. All you have to do is fill up a questionnaire, and data will stream straight onto áyour desktop in real time, with no need to search for it. Instead of spending time looking for data in old dinosaurs (slow commercial, partial information, fly-by-night portals or finance sites) or by finding questionable financial information from the Web, let Real Finance Portal do it for you. Fast. Easy. Reliable. Use the expertise of 45 top analysts to watch the average recommendation rate graphs. Watch and listen to thousands of finance TV station and radio broadcasts. All in real time from all over the world.Manage stocks in groups and get any kind of analysis, reports, prices, or any kind of data áabout the stocks you traced. Read customizable reports that can include everything from annual income statements to earning estimates. View any graphs, technical charts or interactive charts. Research the web with a powerful stock performance search engine. Get IPOls, any market reports, analystls recommendations & research, historical data, calendars, all about options, splits, insider traders, profiles, fundamental data, indexes and much more, very easily and intuitively. Explore the world of gossip by using the news groups, message boards and chat around the world.áRead the latest news headlines and stories from the most significant news providers. Read variety of finance magazines, daily news, news feeds, business news, international news, and online magazines. Watch finance markets, log into online investor services, come into banking & finance, view statistics, business link, investing & IPO research. Use the ultimate search tool to find data from the web, message boards, chats rooms, news stories, tickers and more. Use many tools like 'Chart Explorer', 'News Explorer' , Stocks Screen or 'Should I sell?' calculator. Use the power of our human analysts and get free tips and advice. Link to the human analysts as a special service.Print stock summary report or any other reports and export assigned reports to different formats. Group your favorite stocks áin a powerful portfolio. Let Real Finance Portal read to you the latest prices and news headlines by using built-in speech engine. If don't trust the press, you can communicate with other investors just like you. Real Finance Portal provides quick access to message boards, Usenet newsgroups and on-line chats. Explore MP3, video, and audio from the web and your own computer. Merge all the Internet abilities, software characteristic and the power of human analysts into a single super program to get the ultimate financial tool for free.

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