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pdfMachine Serienbrief "WordMailMerge" 10.9

Description of pdfMachine Serienbrief "WordMailMerge" 10.9:
pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge lets you use Microsoft Word mail merge to send emails with a PDF file attached.Now instead of a .doc file attached to emails, you can have a .pdf file.- Easily start the mail merge from the pdfMachine toolbar.- Use your existing mail merge data sources.- Use your existing mail merge fields and macros.- Set the subject and body text of your email.- Send using any of the many pdfMachine supported email interfaces.- Let the mail merge run unattended and check the results report when it finishes. pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge Email personalized form letters as PDF attachments. Try out pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge using the Trial Version download. A watermark will be generated on each PDF page when a merge is run.To use pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge without the watermark being generated:- Purchase a pdfMachine - Word Mail Merge license and register the software. General information:pdfMachine is the perfect all round solution for anyone who often sends PC-Documents to friends, colleagues, customers and business partners. pdfMachine quickly compiles a copy of any PC-document and sends it automatically - via email - to your recipient, whilst maintaining 100% format integrity of the original document. pdfMachine guarantees, that your document will arrive to your recipient 100 percent 1 :1 copy of your original. Absolutely independent from the operating systems and fonts they use! pdfMachine is great value and simple to use. It's a real innovation and no doubt a must everyone who uses Windows!

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000

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