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eMailaya is a powerful business management application designed to improve your work environment and empower business owners. User friendly & intuitive, emailaya is designed primarily for small businesses and offers a suite of highly customizable features to maximize business potential. Being able to communicate with customers, suppliers, staff, and other third parties is a fundamental business requirement. Email has provided us with a free and almost instantaneous way to communicate with one another. Many of us spend the bulk of our working days just reading and responding to emails so wouldnOCOt it make sense to integrate your email program with your other work functions? eMailayaOCOs powerful working environment does just that OCo a portable email client which includes CRM, analytic graphs, financial, quote generator and other critical business requirements. Our ToolStore contains all the functions a small business owner might require. WhatOCOs more, itOCOs fully customizable so you can purchase only the tools you require to run your business effectively meaning you pay less and get only what you need. Small, secure and with full functionality and usability, eMailaya is the working environment you need to elevate your business. Here are some key features of "eMailaya": TE Small in size: eMailaya is small but only its size, and will remain that way in the future. TE Timing of send/receive: You will know how long will it take to send/receive an email. TE POP3/IMAP/SSL: eMailaya supports both POP3 and IMAP accounts, with and without SSL. TE Import: You have all the possible ways to import information. Information can be imported from any kind of source (email clients, files, gmail and more). TE Redirecting emails: A smarter way to forward email. TE Raw data: Access the raw data of an email easily TE Favorite contacts: Access your favorite contacts quicker. TE Future send: Email your emails in the future. TE Block internet images: Block internet images in emails you receive. TE Proxy: eMailaya supports connecting through a proxy. TE Image/video previewer: A built-in previewer for images and videos. TE Signature: Every email account can have its own signature when sending emails. TE RSS: You can define groups, subgroups and rss feeds and be updated using a built-in RSS reader. TE Template: A template folder to store all your templates for future use. TE Re-use replies: The option to store and use old replies over and over. TE Backup files: Switch your mailbox to a backup storage, including a full backup mechanism. TE ISP switching: You just need to know your email and password, eMailaya will define everything else automatically. TE MailDrive: Switch your mailbox to another drive on your computer using a familiar interface. TE Video/Voice/Scan/Screenshot: You can send out a video/voice/scan/screenshot email with 1-2 clicks. TE Administrative graphical information: Admininster your information using sophisticated and flexible graphical tool with the option to drillthrough the information. TE Last send/receive: Know when was the last time you corresponded with your contacts. TE RSS2Email: Instead of scanning a lot of RSS feeds, let eMailaya update you with what's important to you. TE Quick chat: Interact with your contacts IM style. TE Clipboard tracker: Never lose your imporant clipboard items. TE Lock emails: Never delete your emails by mistake. TE Days to delete: Set an automatic deletion period for your emails. TE Open on next restart: Be automatically reminded of an email the next time you open eMailaya. TE Quick reply/forward: A quick way to reply/forward your emails. TE 1-click spam deletion: Delete all your spam emails in one click. TE Quick filter: A very flexible filtering as you type. TE Magnifier: Even people with bad eye-sight can work with eMailaya. TE Subject/addresses autocomplete: Autocompletes your subjects and addresses. No need to rewrite long subjects over and over again.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Notes per email are more accessibleTE Google translation support for easy translation of incoming emailsTE Quick access to opened tabs from the compose dropdown buttonTE ScreenShooter toolbox: stores and send a screenshot every X minutesTE Bids generator toolbox: helps you generate bidsTE CalculatorTE Networking toolbox: generate networking map out of your email interactionsTE CRM toolbox: customers and subcontractors relations managementTE Decision maker toolbox: helps you make important decisionsTE Email commands toolbox: interact with your computerTE OS notifier toolbox: be notified of changes made on your computerTE Financial toolbox: manage your financial informationTE FTP toolbox: upload and download files from/to your FTP serverTE Knowledge base toolbox: manage your knowledge easilyTE MP3 player toolbox: manage playlists and listen to your favorite musicTE Process diagram toolbox: improve your processes by generating diagramsTE Journal toolbox: manage your daily tasks [ eMailaya full changelog ]

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