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EasyCalcPro 1.0

Description of EasyCalcPro 1.0:
The simplest calculator in the world, with the most powerful features. Enter 30 numbers with labels on a line. Add a password to protect your data.

Buttons are positioned for efficiency, like your cellphone.Comes with hyper-intelligence and power ergnomics.

Enter up to 30 numbers with labels
Automatically scrolls after each sum is entered
Password protect your data
Convert everything
Enter and calculate using tax rates.
Comes as a single file

Conversions and Calculations:
Enter and calculate using tax rates.
Calculate the number of days between dates
Convert between exchange rates, temperatures, volumes, areas, weights, lengths, Chr, Asc, Hex, Dec, Oct and Bin.
Calculate using Trig, and standard maths functions.

Supported OS: Palm OS 1.0

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