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Simple loan calculator

Simple loan calculator 1.03

It is a loan-calculator program for calculation of a loan on a house or a car. The distinctive feature of this calculator is the ability to see the overpayment to bank. Fast and simple.

Art Organizer

Art Organizer 2.2.0

Record purchase and use of components and supplies related to the creation of artwork in any medium. Low inventory warnings. Unlimited custom categories. Reports and charts. Store photos of your components.

ForexGen Trading Station

ForexGen Trading Station 4.0

Forex trading with ForexGen offering a real time foreign currency exchange trading services, with low pip spreads, free forex news, forex charts, analysis, flexible starting capital, fast deposits and withdrawal, local support and solid fund security

Metatrader 4

Metatrader 4 4.0

The trading terminal for financial markets.

Forex Market Hours Monitor

Forex Market Hours Monitor 2.0

Forex Market Hours is a handy freeware program that allows keeping track on active Forex market sessions worldwide. Converting current user's time this Program can be used by all forex traders trading in any time zone.

Option Trading Workbook

Option Trading Workbook 1

Option pricing spreadsheet that calculates the theoretical price and all of the Option Greeks for European Call and Put options. The spreadsheet also allows the user to enter up to 10 option legs for option strategy combination pricing.

Net Picker

Net Picker 2.2

NetPicker gives you an easy way to save and organize information from the web. Featuring an intuitive interface, NetPicker allows you to select and save a portion of the web page by dragging it from your browser.

Ez Zone Trading Training

Ez Zone Trading Training 1.1

Learn why mental conditioning, wining smart and loosing smarter are the keys to trade futures. Ezzonetrading's training will teach you how the market traps people and what to watch out for so you can beat the trapped.

PC Invoice Free Edition

PC Invoice Free Edition 2.21

Designed for the small to medium sized business. PC Invoice covers everything from invoicing, estimating, and purchase order creation.

Abassis Finance Manager

Abassis Finance Manager 1.3

Abassis is a simple to use budget and finance manager. If you want to take control of your expenses and want a program easy to use, yet more powerful than a simple spreadsheet, Abassis is the right tool for you.

preCharge Secure Client

preCharge Secure Client 1.0

The preCharge Secure Client provides an in-depth analysis for ecommerce transactions. The software provides a direct link into the Secure preCharge API right on your desk top to provide the most comprehensive scoring system online today.

Money Maker

Money Maker 2.00

Help to earn in the Net!

The Business Plan Workbook

The Business Plan Workbook 1.10

Create a business plan, well thought out and well presented. A brilliant guide to organize your business model and create a winning business plan. Build a successful roadmap for your venture and get financed.

Quotelinks Ticker Scrollbar

Quotelinks Ticker Scrollbar 1.01

Display scrolling stock quotes across your screen.