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BizFAX Client

BizFAX Client


Phone Plus

Phone Plus 7.4.1

  • Shareware
  • 25.00$
  • 23-Mar-2013
  • 1.6 MB

Would you like to have hands-free telephone conversations on your computer?

OpalVOIP for Mac OS X

OpalVOIP for Mac OS X 3.8.4

Open Source Voice, Video and Fax This project is a community effort to develop and support the OPAL VoIP library.


PhoneDeck 1.3

Allows you to manage and organize your address book and contact

Network SuperFax

Network SuperFax 8.0

Network SuperFax 8.

BizFAX - FAX Server for Enterprise

BizFAX - FAX Server for Enterprise

Benefits: 1.

OpalVOIP for Windows

OpalVOIP for Windows 3.10.7

Open Source Voice, Video and Fax This project is a community effort to develop and support the OPAL VoIP library.



Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 integrating Skype with Outlook

Phone Number Web Extractor

Phone Number Web Extractor 3.0

It extracts Phone, Mobile and Fax numbers from internet and websites URLs.


Recsound 5.0

  • Shareware
  • 90.00$
  • 06-Jan-2013
  • 3.2 MB

Designed for recording sound from various audio sources


TekFax 1.1

Send and receive fax messages in various formats.

My Fax Online

My Fax Online 12.2.2010

Internet fax service from MyFax, My Fax Online allows you to send and receive faxes using email, the web or a handheld device. With no hidden fees, your customers will be impressed with this award-winning faxing solution!

1st Fax Extractor

1st Fax Extractor 6.28

  • Shareware
  • 99.00$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 1.5 MB

The 1st Fax Extractor (FE) is a professional targeted fax number and phone number extractor tool. With 1st FE , you can easily and quickly set up your own business fax number and phone number lists.

Online files/fax/email-attachment mgmt

Online files/fax/email-attachment mgmt 1.1

Create unlimited custom folders at all levels, arrange them based on your business needs.

User friendly upload single/multiple documents to your custom folders.

Aloaha FAX Suite

Aloaha FAX Suite 2.5.2017

Manual faxing is out of date. The professional Aloaha FAX Suite grants incredible savings on cost
and improves customer service.

The process of sending a fax is much shorter.


HP PCL SDK Demo 9.6

PCLTool SDK V9.0 is the latest release from PageTech. It is a major consolidation and migration of source code for easier maintainability, upgradeability, faster throughput and integration into 64-bit and .Net environments.

MacroPhone Voice and Fax Server for ISDN

MacroPhone Voice and Fax Server for ISDN 4.14

  • Shareware
  • 199.00$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 2.0 MB

MacroPhone is a network based application which lets you centralize ISDN based tasks like caller id display, telephone answering machine, fax (sending and receiving), call forwarding or call notification (via email or SMS).

Actual JPEG Graphics Animation Studio En

Actual JPEG Graphics Animation Studio En 3.1

  • Shareware
  • 39.99$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 4.7 MB

Software produces GIF images, texts and ads for your Web page. It has convenient design which helps you edit pictures, work with content, and apply graphic effects like shadows, flushs, transparency as well as deformation and modification.

VentaFax & Voice

VentaFax & Voice 5.71

  • Shareware
  • 49.95$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 4.2 MB

VentaFax is a full-featured fax and answering machine program. Send and receive black-and-white or color faxes, and turns your PC's fax modem into a versatile answering machine with remote control.

eFax Email Fax Plus

eFax Email Fax Plus 2011.41

  • Shareware
  • 12.95$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 1.6 MB

Send and receive faxes by email with eFax right from your computer. No fax machine, dedicated phone line or toner required. Pick a local number in over 3,000 cities and 44 countries around the world. eFax - the world leader in digital faxing.