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Retaining Ring Math Converter

Retaining Ring Math Converter 1.0

A free conversion utility that will allow you to convert the most popular units of acceleration, angle, distance, temperature, volume

Sicyon Lite

Sicyon Lite 4.0

Sicyon = expression (VBScript/JScript) calculator + constant database + units converter + solver + curve-fit.

Mini RPN calc

Mini RPN calc 1.80

This is a small easy accurate and quick to use RPN calculator. All basics operations are handled.


syscalculator 1.64

a Universal Converter includes currceny converter (euro) and another converters. It supports all office applications and databases.

Mole Calc

Mole Calc 1.02

Mole Calc is a very easy to use Windows (95/98/NT) freeware which calculates molecular weight of all your chemicals. Simply enter the chemical formula (H2O for water for example) and Mole Calc calculates its molecular weight.

Internet Calculator

Internet Calculator 1.0 pro

ICalculator(Internet Calculator) is a kind ofcalculator,of course, but it can be called a mathprogram.With its help you can calculate differentexpressions including math and financial functions.Forexample you can find a root of a quadric(A*X^2+B*X+C=...

Mani's calculator

Mani's calculator 1.01

This is mani's calculator used to perform complex calculations and much better than the windows calculator.

Celebrity Calculator

Celebrity Calculator 1.0

A simple calculator, but with an added bonus of pictures featured celebrities from around the world. Now, counting CAN be fun!!