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HealthUse is a reliable program that enables you to restrict the computer access for children or other users. The software can lock the computer if one of the specified users logs in during the unauthorised time. The administrator can unlock the computer at any time, since it is the only one account with no limitations. Computer access times and restrictions HealthUse is suitable for parents who wish to restrict the access of children and other users. The software is designed to help parents, for instance, limit the time their children spend in front of the computer, in order to protect their health. Too much time spent in front of the computer can damage the child's health, on a long term. This is why HealthUse allows you to configure a computer access schedule, which is appropriate for each user. The application allows you to create several password-protected accounts and customize the access time for each of them. Limited computer use and imposed break times For each user you create HealthUse allows you to set an individual schedule for each day of the week. You may set free use, forbidden access or conditional usage. The latter option implies setting a total daily duration of computer access, the hour interval, the activity sessions and the breaks. For example, a specific user may have a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes of computer access, which they can use during 8 AM and 10 PM, with a compulsory break of 5 minutes every half an hour. Thus, if you login with your dedicated username/password, the software can lock the computer whenever the time is up or when you need to take a break, by displaying a notification. Computer lock down and user access You may login with the administrator credentials and have full, unrestricted access to the computer and to HealthUse's functions. The application also displays limitation recommendations, which are suitable for adults or for children. HealthUse is reliable, easy to use and a suitable tool for computer acce.

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