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Print2eDoc v1.0 RC1

Gnostice Print2eDoc is a software printer based electronic document creation tool that enables any Windows® application that can print to an installed printer, to generate PDF, RTF, HTML, TIFF and several other formats of the same printable content.


LibPackDoc 00.20

The program LIBPACKDOC is intended for making and control library packed document.
The documents is kept in compressed type that allows to reduce the size of the library.
Information on subject document, author, name is kept in database.

Paper Label Maker

Paper Label Maker 1.05

Paper-Label-Make is a professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, software and product labels.
The software prints paper labels with high degree of accuracy in plenty styles

Correspondence registration

Correspondence registration 2.0

  • Freeware
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 600 B

The program for registration incoming and outgoing mail of organization.


FileShield 1.1

A simple tool that lets you easily encrypts and decrypts specified files and folders using just one password. Protect important files on your computer with FileShield.

phpFaber Online Website Builder and CMS

phpFaber Online Website Builder and CMS 1.0.041

phpFaber CMS is a PHP-based content management system that fully supports MySQL. phpFaber CMS delivers on the promise of separating content from code and frees your organization to focus on content.


Go2PDF 3.00

Go2PDF enables you to convert instantly any document into PDF format with a simple click. Go2PDF is a high-quality PDF converter and generator with high printing resolution, professional PDF document creation, PDF encryption control and more.

Miraplacid Form

Miraplacid Form 1.0

Miraplacid Form is for filling out and printing scanned forms or forms in read-only documents. Scan a form, load it to Miraplacid Form as a background image and add input fields. Fill the form and print it or save the form layout and fill it up later


Columbus 2.3k

FREE Document Management System