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Description of Associate-O-Matic Lite 2.5:
Build and customize a complete Amazon Associate Store in literally minutes. Free download. Control the look and feel from top to bottom. Choose the topics/categories you want (filter those you don't). Convert more of your visitors to buyers. Thousands of items available across thousands of categories. No programming or database required.

Supported OS: Linux

System Req: PHP 4 or PHP 5, Apache - Microsoft operating system: Windows Unix/Linux.

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Build and customize a complete Amazon Associate Store in literally minutes. Free and paid versions make it accessible to anyone. Control the look and feel from top to bottom. No programming or database required. more info download

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Build and customize a complete Amazon Associate Store in literally minutes. Free and paid versions make it accessible to anyone. Control the look and feel from top to bottom. No programming or database required. more info download

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